Clusters of countries

The data below shows clusters of states according to 31 CWBI indicators. The distances between the states illustrate their similarity. The more similar they are to each other, closer they are and vice versa.

Explore, tweak and filter the existent “map” of European states to discover relations between CWBI and other contextual indicators such as GDP or their type of welfare state. What happens if you improve the value of certain indicator(s)? Follow the steps and select the country you are interested in. Then move the sliders to the right to improve the values of indicators. What happenes? How did this improvement affect our "map"?

Note: The website is still in development phase.

Step 1: Select the year
Step 2: Select the country
Step 3: Select the indicator Reset
Step 4: Colour the groups of countries according to their common characteristics


Step 5: Colour the countries according to various contextual indicators